About Us

They say it, you Save It! Started by a mom with funny kids, hilarious friends and a really terrible memory. Sound familiar? I wanted a way to save quotes and small conversations between me and my kids as well as some of the funny things my friends and family members said or texted. 
We're fans of things that make life easier. I have two young girls and I was forgetting to write down the cute, funny and sometimes maddening things they were saying. I have three different books and never wrote anything down. I wanted it in app form because I always had phone close by. I was inspired to not limit the app for just kids by several friends. I wanted to be able to keep some of the hilarious things they said so I could make them a gift with the special quote later on. Now I can keep everything in one place! 
What are our goals? We want you to turn these memories into physical items - books, coasters, shirts, pins, stickers, anything you would want to create to keep that special memory around!