Create a profile for all the people in your life who say things you want to remember. Save a photo with the quote, or just the quote, text message or small conversation!

Kids, Family Members, Friends, Co-workers, Inspirational


Trying to remember to write in a book was impossible for me! I always have my phone so I won't ever forget to add that cute quote said by my daughter or save the funny text from a friend. 


Anyone who has ever wanted to save something that was said, a text message, a short conversation or even parts of an email.  

What people are saying!

"You're the best mom I've ever lived with!"

Ellis - Age 4

"Mom thought: Gatorade is to athletes what Starbucks is to moms"

Katie C

"Mom, when I grow up and am an olympic pole vaulter I'm going to let my kids have an anaconda as a pet."

Decker - Age 5

Why save It?

Anyone who spends time with children knows they are full of funny, witty, and just plain honest comments. Save It! Create a profile for your children and save what they say. Snap a photo and quote what was being said to save the entire moment on the date it happened. Include simple quotes or conversations between you and your precious angel! We always have our phones, so now you won't forget to write it down!
Family Members
Does your mom make you laugh with her comments or questions? Does your dad send you text messages you want to save? Does your sister have great advice you really should write down, but never do? Create a profile for them and Save It! Do you have memorable words from a loved one who passed away? Text messages? Parts of emails? Letters with thoughtful words? Create a profile, add the quotes with corresponding dates and maybe even a photo to save the memories in one place.
Whether it's a night out with a group or a get together with your two best friends there are always funny memorable quotes from the day or night. Snap a photo and add the quote to your friend's profile so you can remember later!
If you ever find yourself trying to remember something someone said this app is for you! Do you ever try to remember a favorite passage from a book? a song lyric or a motivational speakers wise comment? Maybe you heard someone say something while in grocery store and you want to remember it for later. Create a profile just for those random quotes so you can access them later!
While we hope our app is only used for fun moments, we know that might not be possible. If you need a place to store thing someone said to you so you can keep track, use this app! Maybe a co-worker who isn't kind or a neighbor who is causing issues. Keep track of what was said with the date so you can use it at a later date if needed (and we hope it isn't)!
Engaged? Create a profile for your fiance and save all the fun notes, texts and conversations leading up to the special day! The planning is part of the fun, so save those moments too!